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With the end of the calendar year overlooking the fiscal cliff, many businesses are facing some tough choices. Financial uncertainty makes it difficult for cooler heads to prevail, but this is not the time for panic. This is the perfect time to reevaluate your goals for the new year. Think it over before we’re forced to take the big plunge.

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While sales can be unpredictable and heavily influenced by the state of the economy, you can plan ahead to account for your expenses. Next year could bring great growth or stagnant sales, but the present can help you free up some cash flow to increase the odds of future gains. Take advantage of the tax codes available to you at present and stop procrastinating. Whether it’s a major business purchase or the addition of inventory storage space, these are expenses that can help bolster your return in the coming months. Is the project going to run long? Then filing an extension in order to complete a large job could end up saving you thousands. Use that money as a booster shot for your business in the new year.

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For those that are working within a department to serve the greater good of the company, consider this: the changes happening in the future will alter the budget available to you next year. At this point, it’s a game of planned purchases. We advise you to spend wisely, but spend before you lose the ability. Time is ticking away, and there are so many purchases that could help increase the efficiency of your department.

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