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Whether in a modular warehouse office or in a typical high-rise office setting, every office has their own unique storage requirements.

There’s books to put away, there’s extra mice and keyboards to organize, and in a surprising number of cases there’s still paper documents that need to be safely stored due to record-keeping requirements. All of this stuff tends to take up a lot of space – space that most offices just don’t have!

Our usual suggestion? Sliding storage shelves! Offering the same type of durable storage as our regular wire shelving, but mounted on a track to help them take up less space while staying easily accessible, sliding shelving can be one of the fastest ways to solve an organization problem without taking up a ton of additional floor space.

No matter how big your office is, we think sliding shelves can help solve a number of storage problems, from the big projects to the daily inconveniences.


Organizing Your Office With Sliding Shelving


IT Storage

Thanks to the varieties of work being performed in an office these days, the sort of devices we need to keep around are more numerous than ever. There’s laptops that need their own unique charger, there’s streaming/casting devices that need their own remote controls, there’s tablets that need one of those little plug-in keyboards – and it all has to go somewhere, right?

If your office has a storage room or other area for these IT supplies, sliding shelves can be just the solution you need. Set a few of these up (with wire shelf liners for additional stability) and use them to organize all the little extra parts your devices tend to need.


Document Retention

A lot of businesses still need to hang onto physical backups of their records for various reasons – tax documents, patient records, client invoices, and the like. And as anyone who has had to pick up a banker’s box can tell you, these documents can get pretty heavy and hard to put away! Sliding shelves are a great way to store these boxes of physical documents in a way that keeps them retrievable and out of the way, particularly if you have a specific record storage room to keep them in.



Reference material, equipment manuals, or maybe just simply a few photography books for product inspiration can all find themselves at home in the modern office. And by “at home” we usually mean “stacked under a table or something” – but not with sliding shelves! If your team finds themselves in need of reference material in a way that’s a little better organized, sliding shelves can be the perfect place to keep your inspirational (or instructional) tomes.

These are just a few of our favorite ideas, but no matter how big your office may be (or how much space you need to save), sliding shelves can find themselves at home just about anywhere.

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