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Storage cubbies have been used since we were in kindergarten. We were taught from the beginning to put our things in a special place so we wouldn’t lose them. Here are 7 other ways these versatile cubbiescan be used.

world cupo1. The world cup is coming up! Our grid cube cubbies are the perfect way to show off all of your world cup gear, from balls to cleats to trophies, everyone will be able to admire your impressive collection!

cats n cubbies2. Cats are fun and weird and crazy. What better way to show you love all of your cats than by giving them each their own cubby? You can customize each cubby for them, add carpet for comfort, or just let them play with each other!

yarn n cubbies3. Knitting may be considered an old lady hobby, but it is one to embrace. Knitting is fun and you can create almost anything just from yarn! I think that that is pretty impressive. If you have been bitten by the knitting bug, a cubby unit would be perfect for organizing all of your yarn.

oscar puppy4. In honor of our Oscar extravaganza, Oscar and I wanted to show you what you could do with a cubby unit for a dog. It’s the perfect place to store toys and treats along with food and water. Depending on the size of your puppy (all dogs are puppies forever) they may be able to sleep in the unit as well. But if your puppy is like Oscar, they will just join you in bed.


5. Cubbies can be used for an endless amount of things. One other way you can use your cubby would be to show off your cool and interesting collection. Whether that be old keys, pins, coffee mugs, snow globes, actual globes, spoons, wine corks, rocks, watches, clocks, shells, stickers, stamps, coins, whatever your heart desires, cubbies are the perfect way to store and show off your impressive collection!


6. If you are worried about the look of cubbies, no worries! With this simple and inexpensive solution you can cover up the cubbies in minutes. All  you need is the fabric of your choice and some clips! Because our cubbies are grids, it is easy to just clip on the fabric of your choice, and voila! you have a concealed cubby!

grad7. This time of year is full of new beginnings and graduation!! These corner units are perfect display cases for a grad party. They perfectly show off your cap and diploma and will go great with any grad party theme.

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