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Shelving, Inc. has brought on some new members to the crew in order to help us reach our ultimate goal: to make the process organizing your storage easier. On our end, that means making the purchase process easier for our customers. Without customers, we would just be a big warehouse with a lot of shelves. They are the reason we are able to put food on our tables (which are cleverly made of Chrome Wire Shelves with Liners) and they give purpose to our work. It is for you, dear customer, we have brought on a new generation of crew members to facilitate the online shopping experience.

Shopping online seems to make a lot of people nervous. Well, our new Online Shopping: Consulting Division (a title QVC wishes they thought of) is here to put those worries to rest. By shopping with us, you’ll never need to fear the Bait and Switch, the Lost Order, or the Horrible Customer Service monsters that haunt other e-tailers. Our new crew knows how to put those monsters to bed, in a polite and user-friendly way. They even wrote up instructions, which they call a “business plan.” First order of business: make the site user friendly!

We make it easy on everyone

Not this cute, but definitely this easy.

You may notice some small changes around the site, but the idea is to modernize it and make it uniform throughout. Most notable is our update to the “Commercial and Industrial Storage and Shelving” tab on the navigation menu. We would link you to it, but it’s not there anymore. Reason being: it wasn’t friendly enough to be used, so we went ahead and got rid of it. Now, we have a convenient tab for Material Handling Equipment, which is great for anyone who owns or operates a warehouse (or other storage facility). Rolling ladders to reach stacked inventory, pallet jacks to cart inventory around, solid steel utility carts for quick and easy transport, and even a really neat tool for buckets (but you’ll see more about that another time).

Keep an eye on us for new changes and constant updates as our new crew starts making the site easier to use. The result? Your business will be easier to operate. Just look how happy that puppy is when things are user-friendly.

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