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As you already know, adding wire shelving to your home or business increases your storage space, therefore making it easier to organize all of your stuff. But what if I told you that there is an even more efficient way to store your things! Believe it or not, but it’s true! When you add storage¬† bins to your wire shelving, you will immediately increase your efficiency.

The first main reason bins make it more efficient is because it makes it like ten times easier to get what you need without making a mess. For me, the story is always the same. I binswas recently organizing our board game cupboard, stacking games on top, next to, and in front of each other.¬† When I was done, it looked pretty nice. It was neat and everything was in its place. The only problem was that you couldn’t see everything and I was the only one who knew where everything was! So as we searched for the game we wanted to play, the cupboard, slowly but surely, transformed back into the avalanche it once was. If this has happened to you, storage bins could be your fairy godmother!

As you can see, all you need to do is get enough bins for all your things and label them! For all my environmentally friendly people, you can make the labels out of the cardboard that the bins come in! Because the bins are screwed into the shelving, it is easy to take them down to get what you need and put it back without rummaging through and ruining all your hard work!


garageA second reason for adding bins to your storage project is that it increases your storage room. Don’t get me wrong, you can cram a lot of stuff onto shelves. But that’s just the problem, you’re cramming things. When stuff is crammed, you can get a lot in. But with bins, you can get just as much stuff but in an organized way that is also more visually appealing. If you love to cram things, you still can in each bin! So it’s a win win: more room, prettier, and more places to cram (if you so choose).



One final reason you should include bins to your storage routine is pretty obvious but impossible to overlook: everything has it’s place. When everything has it’s own place, it makes life so much easier. When you are cleaning, you know where to put it. When you buy something new, you will have a place for it. If you are looking for something, it shouldn’t take long because you have a special place for it. ben franklin

If you are having storage difficulties, bins will surely help fix your problems!

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