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Our cars or trucks get a ton of use during the summertime, and more often than not, we’re so busy soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors that cleaning out our vehicles usually falls by the wayside; But with all of the family road-trips, fishing trips, and vacations still on the agenda for this summer, finding a quick, affordable way to clean out your car could be a lifesaver.

Shelving Inc. recently sat down with Tom Koger, CPA and lifelong car enthusiast, to talk about the upcoming release of his new book, “Tom’s Conditional Car Care”, and to get some small pointers on how to effectively clean and maintain your car. Tom’s book promises to show us, “How to keep a car presentable faster, easier, and better than traditional methods.” So what is his big secret? Chrome Wire Shelving, of course!


Tom Koger and wife, Debbie, stand next to their Award-Winning Bentley – May 2013

Tom has always been one to think outside of the box. Instead of paying a fortune to have his cars cleaned, polished, and detailed regularly, he eventually decided to go one step further and find a way to bring all of these cleaning methods into his own garage. Genius!

So how did Tom do it? The answer might be more simple than you think! Taking full advantage of our sturdy chrome wire shelving, Tom set to work compiling a mobile work-station that would house everything he could possibly need while cleaning out his car on-the-go.

Starting with just a small vacuum and some standard instruments used to detail his car, Tom’s DIY project soon took on a life all-it’s-own! A year later, his “Car Care Cart” has evolved into the total package, and it sure gets the job done right. Taking up only 2 feet in the corner of his garage, this wire push cart is packed to the BRIM with every cool gadget you could ever need while cleaning out your car.


Tom Koger’s ingenious “Car Care Cart”

“This is pretty much the final version”, Tom offers when asked if he will make more changes to his Car Cart in the future. “It has a pressure washer, water purifier, and a car blow-dryer mounted to the shelving. The 35 ft. hose on top (connected to the car blow-dryer) eliminates the need to move the cart as you wash and dry your car.”

Tom’s cleaning cart project is just another reminder that Chrome Wire Shelving can go anywhere and do just about anything. “The utility cart is a key component (when cleaning out my car) because it materially reduces the setup and tear-down time involved in getting ready to clean a car and later, putting things away”, says Tom, stating that the latest feature, a high-powered water purifier, can even improve the appearance of older cars. “This red Mercedes (pictured behind the cart, right) is over 9 years old and it still looks like new”.

Tom has nothing but good things to say about his Chrome Wire Mobile Car Care unit and Shelving, Inc. “I think your company has the best product, and, as far as I can tell, the widest selection of shelving on the planet”, he writes.

It may not be Tom’s sterling cars that are getting all of the attention this summer. “The reactions I have received from other car lovers (about my car-cleaning cart) have been very positive”, smiles Tom.

So, next time, before you load your pockets with quarters and head down the block to the nearest self-car wash, consider building your own “Car Care Cart” at Shelving Inc., and see how good it feels to conserve your money AND your time!

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