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While times may be tough for Detroit, there remains an elegance to the classic style of a major city. From the wonderful architecture to the bustle of life, our city enjoys vibrant outlets of hope even in the darkest corners. Novels have been written on this theme, where industrial gloom has given way to the shining beauty of one plant.

Plant life in an urban city

For this glimpse of poetry, we have a loyal customer to thank. The cold cityscape in the distance contrasts the vibrant green flora evenly spaced on our three shelf corner unit. Wire racking, while in itself not the most natural place for plants, is entirely transformed by the triangle shelf liners that add aesthetic depth to the plane.Corner Shelving Unit with Black Liners

We have a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to fit your space. Come see our selection of plastic inserts for chrome wire shelves, and instill your cityscape with a touch of stylish and functional decor.

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