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Would you reinvent the wheel if you could? Maybe if you find a new way of looking at them. We are lucky enough to know one innovator who did exactly that: who invented a new use for his wheels. Rather than rely on a caster to transport his goods, he took another look at that wheel and asked, “How can I make this better?”

Car trunk organization with wire shelving

Trunk View

By crossing his own set of wheels with our SI brand chrome wire shelving, one of our customers was able to create a mobile storage solution that effectively organized his means of transportation. Installing a wire rack in the back of his vehicle, this revolutionary businessman changed his company vehicle into a mobile service station for IT repair. Organization is king, and this shelf is the workhorse that carries the burden of his heavy rule.

car trunk organization

Side View

You can see the use of Wire Ledges, Shelf Dividers, and Plastic Bins all at work in changing this van into a great transport vehicle. By imagining the wheel as a simple caster, the idea to create a business on wheels was born. Simply by adding some storage racks into the back of his vehicle, this IT innovator could organize his equipment and expand his territory.


Think of what you can do if you use a little ingenuity and re-imagine an existing product. Creativity will get you far in this world, but a set of wheels will get you there faster. For anyone with a home business, consider detailing your car in chrome.

sports car

This, with shelving.



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