mezzanine warehouse officeWhen a local Detroit Area customer needed a secured storage solution for high cost items and an office space for their shop foreman, Shelving Inc. came to the rescue! Our solution, we designed, fabricated and installed an inplant office on top of a free standing mezzanine and utilized wire mesh partitions in an under utilized corner of our customer’s facility.

This particular Detroit Customer had an 18’ clear ceiling height, which gave us the much needed vertical space to make this solution work. By constructing this system in a corner of the building we gave the shop foreman a great view to monitor the entire factory floor and supervise his production staff better. The companies high cost items can now be stored securely underneath the mezzanine with a secure wire mesh partition system which includes a sliding door with a keyed lock. The foreman will be able to store sensitive documents in his office and is now nearer to his production                                          staff giving him better access to manage and monitor quality and productivity.

If you would like a similar storage and office solution for your facility, check out these great click here: Mezzanine Decks for Extra Storage, Wire Mesh Partition Solutions, or In Plant Offices.

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