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Here at Shelving Inc., we always strive to make space work harder for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to work harder!  Yes, it’s time to reward yourself with a little creative relaxation at the office. Working at a desk, saving up for that dream getaway can be a frustrating task, if only for the unchanging scenery. However, if you put in a little bit of effort and creativity, you can bring the getaway to you!  That’s why we ran an in-house contest to see who could make the most creative space for the work place.

So what happens when you ask a creative decorator to spruce the place up?  Well, she’ll probably make it look like her dream vacation, turning every day at the office into a staycation!  The winner of our Creative Workspace Contest is none other than the very decorative, always smiling Christine Hodge!

Christine's Desk Dream

Heat Wave!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this genius: for less than $10 at the Dollar Store you can move your job to the beach.  With a live aquarium, snorkeling mask, and tropical background, your work place is at once both a relaxing and exciting place!  A hearty congratulations to Christine for her knack for decoration and flare for the creative.  Shelving Inc. is happy to sponsor creative spaces, for the universe may be infinite, but space is precious!

Show us what you can do with your work space and you might see your place on our website, as well as receive 10% discount on your next purchase order! Email your pictures to with “Creative Space” in the subject line.

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