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With all of the industrial storage options available to warehouses and stockrooms these days, it’s completely possible you might encounter shelving types you’ve never heard of before. One particular type of shelving and storage people seem to have questions about are gravity flow racks. Considering adding a gravity flow system to your warehouse? Don’t worry – we’re here to help!


Gravity flow racks, also referred to as carton flow racks in certain circumstances, are shelving units that are either built on an angle or designed to be tilted to different angles as needs require to allow better access to different products and reduce travel and searching time.


These racks are ideal for picking warehouses and distribution centers due to the ease and speed of access they provide. The flow of items down the racks ensure easy and fast access to products, and allows you to get a better idea of remaining inventory and available products.


In particular, gravity racks shine for items that sell through very quickly, items that tend to be purchased in large quantities or by a large number of customers (or both!), or anything with an expiration date, making them ideal for food items, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. But don’t let that change your mind – even if your warehouse isn’t an outbound package facility, gravity flow racks are perfect for anything your stockers and pickers find themselves frequently going after like needed tools or supplies.


You’ll notice the time and labor savings almost immediately as soon as you install a gravity flow system in your warehouse or storeroom! If you have any other questions about gravity flow racks, or any of the other storage options we offer, why not drop a line and ask away? We’re always happy to help!

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  1. That is really interesting that these shelving racks are tilted to allow better access to products. That might be very useful in a warehouse of some sort to have. Shelving is something that would help me to become more organized.

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