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With so much going on in a warehouse, it’s easy to overlook the primary factors that influence a facility’s overall productivity. Listed below are five key tips to bolster productivity throughout the warehouse.


Remove Bottlenecks

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This same quote applies to a warehouse or distribution center. If a facility is lacking in one area, it can disrupt the entire supply chain and in turn cost you a serious loss in profit. For this reason, it’s important to routinely be on the lookout for bottlenecks and to make fixes to remedy them as soon as possible. Bottlenecks can occur in a variety of ways, but essentially what they are is a blockage in process of a distribution center. By identifying your facility’s bottlenecks and taking the appropriate action to remove them, your center’s productivity and bottom lines should see improvement.


Use Lights Accordingly

If your workers can’t see, the warehouse’s efficiency will be negatively affected and the propensity for accidents will rise. Make a point to implement overhead lighting solutions that will provide light for the warehouse’s flow of traffic, inventory, and the labels that communicate where a product is positioned. For optimal lighting that will last a long time, invest in energy-efficient LED lights so that your warehouse’s energy bill is kept to a minimum and you can rest assured knowing your lights will last a long number of years.


Aim for Continuous Improvement

With constant changes in customer requirements and warehouse technology, warehouses should always shoot for greater efficiency. To do so, optimize possible areas of improvement such as reducing time to complete shipments, picking techniques, increasing accuracy of inventory, and responding to fluctuations in demand.


Update Storage Gear

As any warehouse manager knows, the way a product is stored influences how it moves throughout the supply chain. It’s for this reason that goods should be organized with storage gear that caters to the shape, weight, and size of the products. Additionally, employees should be informed of which storage unit is used for each good in order to avoid overloading and possible injuries to workers or product damages.


Optimize Order Picking Technique

The accuracy and speed of your warehouse’s picking process plays a huge role in satisfying customer orders. With so many picking techniques to try, train your employees to use ones that that are most compatible with the layout of your facility and the types of orders that you receive.

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