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Okay, so we’ve told you before that you should organize your warehouse, and you’re probably pretty aware of the various benefits by now. But what if you’re not sure how to go about organizing the numerous items, products, and supplies stored in your facility? While these tips aren’t complete, they should give you a good place to start from when it comes time to organize your products:


Keep Smaller Pieces on the Middle Shelf

It’s easiest to start with the little guys – handheld items, nuts and bolts, things of that nature. Depending on the design of the shelving and storage units you have in your warehouse, the middle shelf – or the shelf closest to eye-level – will be the easiest place to store these. Keeping them at an easy to reach height will help save time and stop your team from having to climb ladders or stoop down all day to grab the items they’ll always need. Trust us, you’ll start to notice the time and effort you save.


Heavy Merchandise Goes On the Bottom

With larger and bulkier materials, be it bigger merchandise or just larger tools and supplies, you’ll want to keep those below. The reduced risk of large items falling down will do wonders for the safety of your workers, and keeping them down low will reduce the effort and time it takes to take them out or put them away. Just make sure you pick some industrial wire shelving strong enough to hold everything!


Less-Used or Unpopular Items Go Up Top

Everyone knows the top shelf is the one that takes the most hassle to get to, so why place your frequently-needed products up there? Anything that doesn’t get a lot of use, or stuff that isn’t ordered as much as other products, could safely reside up top so they don’t interfere with operations. Just make sure you’re not stacking things too high, or too carelessly!


Keep Popular Items at Arm’s Length

This tip applies most to any warehouse or fulfillment center with a lot of outbound shipments, but it’s always good to keep in mind. If you start to notice a trend in the items you need or ship the most, consider creating an easy-to-access shelving or storage unit with the items you find yourself reaching for the most to prevent having to fight through the rest of the stock to get to the pieces you need most.


We hope this tips help you get on your way to a clean and well-organized warehouse! Trust us, you’ll notice the difference right away, and your employees and customers will thank you. (You can take all the credit, we don’t mind.)

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