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No matter what industry your warehouse, factory, or distribution center participates in, one thing is true for every business: you always want to see increases in demand, your business, and customers.

But sometimes it can catch you a little off guard. Maybe you’ve gotten a sudden spike in demand and product requests and you’re having a hard time keeping up, maybe a competitor has lost a lot of their business to you, or maybe you’ve got some new product driving massive spikes in sales. There’s a few steps to take and things to consider that can put you ahead of the curve when it comes to increased demand and product output:

Update Your Projections – And Remember Them

Arriving at the best, most immediate solution for your increase in demand means understanding your current projections versus your future projections, and working accordingly. Analyze the data generated by your planning software, sorting programs, and recent shipment records to determine how much else you’re going to need to keep up with your sudden spike in business – and remember these projections so they can inform your decisions going forward.

Retrofit Your Current Distribution Center

When demand picks up and business increases, it might be tempting to consider a major facility move or complete overhaul, but you should be able to get by without a major facility change in the short term by doing some small, practical renovations to your current warehouse. Bring in some extra wire shelving and industrial storage solutions to increase your available usable space, make sure your shipping and receiving docks are designed for the increased demand, and you might want to consider increasing your workforce to maintain productivity and avoid overworking your current staff.

Bring In Some Outside Help

Sure, it might be hard to swallow your pride and seek outside assistance, but in times like this you might want to consider some consulting and planning from an expert. Track down a warehouse planning specialist to come in and help with inventory projections, floor layout, and potential staff increases to get a better idea of what you’ll have to change, when, and for how long.

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