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Portable safety ladders are a convenient and vital part of many industrial settings and workspaces, and are one of the most common types of warehouse material handling equipment. Despite how common they may be, ladders are also considered to be one of the leading causes of occupational injuries. No matter what size your ladder or what your work entails, here’s a few safety tips and usage best practices to keep you and your co-workers safe, and your ladders operational.

Keep Your Ladders Clean

One of the more overlooked steps when it comes to ladder safety is the cleanliness of the ladder. In an industrial setting the steps and wheels can become covered in grease or oil, creating a safety hazard for anyone trying to stand on or push the ladder. Make sure the ladders are free of any foreign substance by cleaning them with a solvent or steam, and keep any objects or obstructions out of the path commonly traveled by the ladders.


Maintain Proper Climbing Posture

While it may be tempting to climb your ladders in an incorrect way for convenience sake, proper climbing technique helps to reduce the odds of injury. Keep your hands free while using the ladder to ensure proper balance, and if you need to reach anything down or place an item on a shelf using the ladder, bring someone along to hold the items for you while you scale the ladder to prevent falls.


Be Aware Of Your Ladder

Ladders have clearly-defined and -stated limitations such as weight limits, maintenance requirements, and usage instructions. Make sure the maximum load is never exceeded by checking its load rating and weight requirements to prevent injury or breakage. If your ladder has a regular maintenance schedule, make sure the proper parts are replaced at the proper time to ensure continued functionality, and don’t use the ladder at any angle or approach it isn’t designed to work on.


Designate An Area For Ladder Usage

Wherever a ladder is needed most, make sure the area is designed and organized for ease of use and mobility. Keep the floor free of obstructions, mark off the operating area with floor tape or clearly-written signage, and and make sure the ladder is only used on a designated and level surface to prevent the ladder from tipping over.

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    These are all great tips for ladder safety. Great article, thank you for sharing.

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