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wire mesh partitionGet maximum security with sturdy wire mesh partitions Shelving Inc. provides wire mesh partitions made with a strong diamond pattern of woven wire that continues from panel to panel creating a uniform, clean and classic look. These partitions are the most effective and economical approach to area guarding and area separation, but you’ll soon find that out for yourself.

Wire mesh partitions are made with heavy-gauge steel and are structurally strong, ensuring years of functionality. Great for use in a variety of storage or work areas. Best of all, if your security, storage, or area guarding requirements change or expand, our wire partitions can be quickly and easily rearranged, extended or moved. Creating a custom storage space is simple and hassle free with wire mesh partitions. Shelving Inc. offers the most well made and versatile wire partitions available. If you use our wire mesh partitions, you’re more than likely going to need a secure wire metal door to complete the storage solution. Choose from standard or sliding metal doors and select accessories such as partition corner and base posts. Order secure and quality wire mesh partitions from Shelving Inc. and enjoy the sleek and durable design they offer to complete your ultimate storage or fenced off space.

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