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One of our neighbors in Madison Heights is The Animal Welfare Society. Since 1982, they have been working hard rescuing animals from shelters, offering pet food assistance to families in need and educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering. Nearly every staff member here at Shelving Inc is the proud owner of a rescued pet, so donating to AWS during the holiday season seemed like a perfect fit.

We stopped by the rescue with wire shelving in hand and built a cat condo inside the play area for the many cats up for adoption. While a mischievous tabby named Troy tried stealing our shelf clips and a few others happily played in our cardboard boxes, the condo was built!

Animal Rescue Donation


We happily accepted the help of a young volunteer who visits the rescue once a week. She introduced us to the cats and even knew the names of each one! After the condo was assembled, we decorated it with toys, blankets and the cat’s new favorite box.

Animal Rescue - Cat Play Room


At one point, the cats were getting jealous of Troy the Tabby who became King Of The Shelving Inc Box. Luckily he loves to share.

Animal Rescue - Cat Play Room

We had so much fun visiting the rescue and can’t wait to go back and volunteer (and possibly get some cat therapy)! If you’re interested in adopting one of their amazing animals, volunteering or donating, be sure to visit their website! And, if you want to build your very own cat condo, be sure to look here and send any questions our way for help!

Can’t get enough of the cats? We have video of the assembly and four-legged friends!

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