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Whether you’re in charge of an athletic department at a school, you own or operate a gymnasium or workout facility, or you provide a shower for your workers to clean up after a day in your facility, properly organizing and planning for your building’s locker room will go a long way towards ensuring it remains a convenient and hygienic place for your workers and students. If you’re planning on adding a new shower room or just want to make your currently existing one a little better organized and more usable, we’ve got a few tips to get your shower rooms as clean as they ought to be:


Pay Attention to Layout: Locker rooms can become cramped very easily due to the amount of things that need to be included – lockers, benches, and so on. Planning the layout of your locker room to promote traffic flow and provide enough room for your students, guests, or workers to have their own space while changing or getting ready for a workout; after all, if nobody likes feeling cramped at work or in their homes, you can be sure that nobody wants to feel cramped at the gym or in the shower.


Plan For Good Ventilation: As befitting anywhere with a number of showers, a shower/locker room can get pretty humid pretty quickly, which can cause issues with comfort, visibility, and in extreme cases could begin to affect pipes and metal lockers. Make sure you have ample ventilation and fans available to keep the room comfortable and temperature-regulated to prevent issues stemming from overly humid environments.


Provide Enough Storage: People rely on locker rooms to hold onto their personal items while hitting the gym or showers, and to that end you should take steps to make sure there’s enough storage room to hang onto everything while they’re working out. Metal lockers are a good place to start, of course, but you don’t need to stop there – plastic storage bins are a great way to store exercise equipment such as handweights, jump ropes, and more, and wire shelving can be included near the shower to hang onto personal hygiene items such as soap and shampoo to keep them at arm’s length.


Whatever your reasons for running an athletic center or shower room, hopefully these tips can help you get on your way to running a clean, safe, and organized locker room for your guests.

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