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We’ve all worked in one, or at least seen them: the ever-present office park.

Four or five similar-looking buildings all gathered around each other, each floor dedicated to different suites of offices (or even one single business, if it needs the room), each serving their part in the American workforce. You might look at those and imagine your average workaday employees; we look at them and think “how do you suppose they organize everything up there?”

Which, hey, we know not everyone thinks the way we do, but these are the sort of things we like to help people with. If you’re the property manager of an office park or someone who works in one and just wants to keep it a little tidier than it is, we’ve got some commonly-seen shelving and storage options here for office parks of any size, and where to use them:

Wire shelving:

Wire shelving works in more than just typical industrial settings, and can provide a lot of storage options for offices and workplaces too. The rust-proof design makes it a good call for storing things like cleaning supplies, the sturdy construction makes it a good choice for bulkier items like computer parts and equipment, and the variety of sizes means it can fit almost anywhere you’ve got the space.

  • Where to use it: Janitor’s closets for safe storage of cleaning supplies; office closets for storage of extra writing utensils, printer paper, or computer parts; right near the fridge to give bigger lunch supplies a place to sit.

NSF shelving:

NSF shelving is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to provide a high degree of germ-resistance to keep products safe. Obviously this makes it a great fit for kitchens and lunchrooms, but the flexible design of many NSF-certified shelves means they can be used for germ-free storage of anything your office needs to keep around.

  • Where to use it: Kitchens, cafeterias, and anywhere food is stored or prepared; mailrooms to prevent the spread of germs throughout the rest of the building; areas of high traffic to keep germs and bacteria to a minimum


Too many people see a locker and think it belongs in a school, a gym, or maybe a school gym, but that’s not fair to the locker! Lockers are usable in a variety of spaces and settings as a secure way to keep people’s belongings safe, together, and out of the way, and are an increasingly common sight in many workplaces including office parks.

  • Where to use it: Common areas where employees pass through on their way to the office; staff and break rooms for maintenance, kitchen, and security staff (where applicable, depending on the needs of the building); storage for expensive equipment that isn’t used as frequently or any more hazardous supplies for maintenance staff.

Desktop organizers:

Let’s face it, even your most productive office worker can have a messy desk sometimes. Desktop organizers and charging stations have a place in nearly every modern office to help keep things organized and tidied up, even if they’re not used right at a desk.

  • Where to use it: Charging stations can be kept in employee breakrooms to provide a place to recharge phones (and relax); meeting rooms to provide writing utensils and charging ports for phones and tablets; anywhere there’s a desk or a flat surface where work is done.

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