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1. Requesting a quote is like having a personal shopper

You get what you need for the best possible price, and you are guaranteed that it’s the best quality product for your price range. We recently had a customer inquire about a specific type of racking. While browsing online, they weren’t sure which type of solution would be best for their situation. They wanted to update their walk-in cooler and took a look at our Rust Proof Shelving page. The variety of available options made them realize they were a bit out of their depth, so they submitted a request for a quote.

2. Get a custom solution for your space from an industry expert

After receiving the request, our knowledgeable staff (who have over 150 years of combined shelving experience) were able to ascertain the desires of the customer and create a sketch that illustrated their needs (see below). The trick was to get the proper connections in place to make each shelf easily accessible. Since our experts know exactly what types of racking will stand up best in fridge/freezers, they were able to recommend the a specific system.


walk in sketch

3. It’s free (and easy, and there’s no obligation)

As you can see from the image above, our team provided all of the necessary measurements for this customer to source their own solution. They decided to go with us because we were able to not only provide them with great rates (for 3 different materials!), but our customer service helped them make the right decision without over-buying. All the customer had to do was fill out a form and describe their needs. We took care of the rest, and everything worked out great!

As proof, check out these before and after pictures-



It’s pretty clear that this space could be better utilized. What might not be as apparent is the sagging shelves, the wood shelving on the far wall, and the hard-to-reach corners.


Just look at the wasted space in that corner. You could fit extra cases of produce in this market, which could cut down on delivery expenses!


empty racks

Ah, the immense satisfaction of a job well done! The evenly spaced racks take advantage of the available height while the open corners allow easy access to inventory. All of the pictures were supplied by the customer as a way of saying, “Thank you for the great service.” They were very happy with their newly organized cooler, and it all started from Requesting a FREE Quote (RFQ).

Are you making the most of your space? Request a quote to find out!

Request a Quote 500x500

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