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Whether you’re expecting or already have a little trouble-maker running around, here are 5 easy tips to help you make sure that your home is safe from accidents.

Prevent Top-Heavy Jungle-Gyms

Remember that high school physics class about the center of gravity? Well, it turns out that it’s crucially relevant to the survival of your offspring. As little ones gain independence and start toddling around, they quickly discover that climbing is a possibility. If a top-loaded shelf experiences a few wiggles, the center of gravity might shift beyond the support of the base and collapse on your kitchen table. table fall


Make sure your shelving is loaded properly, with heavy items on the bottom.

Prevent Tipping Entirely

Of course, not all storage can be so easily reconfigured. Perhaps the heavier objects need to be stored out of children’s reach. If that’s the case, you can easily affix your posts to the wall with a simple bracket. Save yourself the headache by anchoring your posts.wall-bracket

Stop the Wiggles

No wall? No problem. If you can’t move your shelving to a safer location, you can make sure it doesn’t move at all. By installing triangle foot plates, you can anchor your shelving directly to the floor. That means your baby won’t upset anything with a small bump or attempted climb.4 triangle foot plates


Guard Against Snagslabel holders- angle view

While each wire rung is completely round, the ends were cut by machine. This means the wires that are welded to the frame might be sharp. Protect your tiny tyke from these dangerous sides with Label holders. Not only will it cover the ends of the wires, but it also teaches organization at a young age!

Save the Piggies

Thanks to the ventilated design of wire shelving, light and air can easily pass through your storage. Unfortunately, some tiny fingers and toes can find themselves caught between the rungs. So if you have a child that likes to explore, you’ll want to invest in a shelf liner. It’s much harder to stub a toe on a smooth surface!translucent liners


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