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The manner in which a home stores goods has a direct influence on our productivity and quality of life. It can take a solid fifteen minutes just to find a pair of new batteries for the tv remote. Conversely, a disheveled bathroom could lead to a misplacement of important medicine, which could be crucial in emergencies. Because of this, keeping your home tidy and organized is very important. A versatile, easy home addition to promote organization is none other than wire shelving. Below, we explore some of the main areas of a home that can benefit from wire shelving.



Wire Shelving In Kitchen

Kitchens require a great deal of space to adequately store cooking utensils. Cabinets and other storage devices can only hold so much; plus they hide what they store, which can be extremely frustrating when you need something fast. This brings us to the solution of wire shelving. By using wire shelving, a diversity of key kitchen equipment such as cookbooks, tea pots, silverware, flour, and other essentials can be stored all in the same unit. Furthermore, shelves offer room to place family picture frames and other types of decor used to lighten up the atmosphere.


The Garage

Wire Shelving In Garage

Due to its large, expansive size, the garage is the ultimate space for home storage. The best way to utilize its open space is add wire shelves. Consider incorporating it to stock heavy duty items such as bags of fertilizer, dense boxes, and bulky seasonal tools that are infrequently used. Another useful alternative is rust proof wire shelving, which is great for storing equipment that tends to gets wet or used during adverse weather conditions.



Wire Shelving In Closet

Tired of opening your closet to see none other than a hurricane of shoes? By simply adding a one-shelf wire shelving set to your closet, you could do away with this problem for good. The 24”d Wire Shelving unit, in particular, is a great modality to give your closet a makeover. Reorder electronics, shoes, and other goods atop this for more space and an overhead view of your closet essentials.



Wire Shelving In Bathroom

Naturally, the bathroom is a dirty place. For whatever reason, it’s easy for towels, shampoo bottles, and other bathroom materials to stack up until you realize there isn’t enough room for them! It may seem like there’s scant storage solutions when working with a room as tiny as the bathroom, but there is: mounted wire shelving. Find a wall suitable to mount the shelf, and, presto – more room! Neatly stack towels, toilet paper, shaving supplies, and anything else that can’t fit in the standard sink cabinet. These can make a world of difference come morning and you’re in a rush to shave, brush your teeth, and get out the door for work.


The Pantry

Ina Garten Wire Shelving In Pantry

Behind the kitchen, the pantry is the one area of a home that a majority of the food is stored. There’s nothing better than browsing through all types of goodies to treat yourself after a long day. But if your pantry is unorganized, it can make finding the right item feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The easy solution to this is none other than wire shelving. A great option for any pantry is a large, five-shelf unit, which can successfully store all pots, pans, foods, and ingredients in a spacious, categorized manner. Once your wire shelving unit is set up and everything is organized, you’ll be able to locate the items you need in a timely, stress-free fashion. If you feel unsure of how to properly organize your pantry, watch this video for easy yet helpful pantry organization tips.

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