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Wire carts are a staple of many businesses these days, from warehouses to restaurants and even pharmaceutical storage.

Their durability allows for them to store and transport a number of items, and while their initial function is helpful enough, there’s actually a number of ways you can customize your wire utility trucks to help with even more functions throughout your workplace. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to use wire shelving accessories to help customize your utility carts and make them work harder for your business:


Cart covers: For products that need enhanced security, such as pharmaceuticals or expensive electronics, cart covers can provide an extra level of safety and concealment for your most sensitive goods. Lay a cart cover over one of your taller mobile racks and keep everything inside away from sunlight and prying eyes.


Shelf enclosures: Similarly, wire shelf enclosures can be used on many smaller utility carts to provide better storage and security. Add an enclosure to your one-tier shelf cart to better prevent things from rolling out and getting damaged during transport.


Shelf liners: True to their name, wire utility carts are made out of a sturdy aluminum wire design, which in some cases can be too ‘open’ to keep smaller goods on safely. Use shelf liners to provide a more solid, stable surface on your carts to keep your goods better organized and prevent tip-overs when rolling around.


Shelf hooks: Many utility carts and hand trucks are compatible with the same kind of hooks you can use on standard shelving, allowing you to hang additional items off the side or add extra handles for easier transport of the cart itself.


Label holders: No matter how open (or concealed) your utility carts may be, it’s always handy to know exactly what’s on them. Use label holders along the edges of your carts to tag them with important information like product type, destination, SKUs/barcodes for RFID scanners, and anything else you might need to convey to your team quickly.

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