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Wire shelving is one of the most flexible and reliable forms of storage out there – but there’s always ways to make it work harder for you.

By setting up your wire shelves in just the right way, you can help maximize your overall storage space and help keep your shelves a little less cluttered than they might be otherwise. Sometimes this requires some extra storage supplies, sometimes this requires the right type of shelving, sometimes you just need to know where they need to go.

Whether in the office, the warehouse, or anywhere else work gets done, if you need to know how to make the most of your wire shelves, read on:


Storage Tips for Using Wire Shelving


Maximize the usable space

As handy as wire shelving can be, they can run out of space just like any other type of shelving. This can be particularly tricky with shallow wire shelving, as the space you save with smaller shelves can make storing bigger items a little more difficult.

One great way to get around this problem is with wire shelf liners. These liners create a solid space on your wire shelves to let you maximize the shelf space, and store smaller items and/or anything that might have a harder time staying on grated wire shelves.


Use bins for the smaller items

Additionally, smaller goods that tend to get lost on shelves (individual parts or smaller items like electronic components, for example) might need an additional home on the shelves to prevent them from rolling away. Industrial storage bins are a great way to add more storage to your wire shelves for smaller pieces or items that could be more easily lost.


Remember weight limits

Wire shelving, generally speaking, is one of the strongest and most durable types of shelving out there – but it’s still important to remember manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to things like weight and capacity. Avoid over-burdening your shelves, and make sure your team knows the weight limits of each shelf to prevent accidents.


Use all sides of the shelf

Most people consider a shelf to be full when the surface is covered, and while that’s generally true, the front and sides can actually come in handy with the right supplies. By using accessories like wire shelf utility baskets, you can create extra storage space on the front or sides of the shelf where not much is happening otherwise.

With a little imagination, you can get your shelves to work harder for you than ever before.

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