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Whether you’re a seasoned professional auto mechanic or merely an amateur gearhead who loves tinkering, one thing is true for every car lover – it gets pretty hard to store your tools. Thanks to the various sizes and sheer amount of equipment you need to keep around to work on cars, you can find yourself running out of space pretty quick if you’re not careful. If you want to free up a little extra room in your auto shop or garage, check out these tips to help everything find a home:


Keep Your Most-Used Tools Close At Hand

The smaller stuff you find yourself reaching for most – wrenches, tire irons, and so on – should be kept close by for easier access. Bring in some short wire shelving to keep by your workbench so these items are close at hand, or hang up a magnetic toolboard on a nearby wall to hold onto your smaller handtools for easy access.


Don’t Sweat The (Big) Stuff

So what about those larger items, like air compressors, engine parts, or tires? Unless you find yourself replacing the tires on your (or a customer’s) car every few days, you can pretty safely keep these out of the way to avoid a lot of hassle and wasted space. Buy special cabinets or shelves to stash your larger items near the back of the shop or wherever they won’t get in the way of your car and work – this way you can get them when you need them without constantly having to step around a lot of bigger items you don’t always use. In fact, you can even get specific storage items like tire storage shelving to hang onto bulkier tools and supplies for you. Nobody needs to negotiate around a big pile of tires to get anything done!


Safety First

This step might sounds pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how often it can go unheeded. Depending on the scope of your work, you might work with some hazardous chemicals for painting, or torches for welding and bodywork. However and wherever you store these, it’s important to keep in mind any provided safety instructions. Don’t keep flammable products near anything that can generate fire, keep any chemicals safely in their containers, and make sure it’s all up high so nobody who shouldn’t touch it can get to it.


Make Use Of All The Space You Have

Even if you operate out of your own mechanic shop you know how cramped it can get in there sometimes. Luckily, a lot of garage storage is designed with this in mind and can maximize the space you have. Mount bins for spare parts and smaller items on walls to free up floor space and provide more storage for your supplies. Install cabinets along the walls to hold onto things like work uniforms. And if you need even more space (or room for bigger items) bring in an overhead storage rack to keep your lesser-used items up high and out of the way.


And, as always, if you need some more specific help with your storage questions, contact today!

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