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You know what size you need and you’re ready to make a purchase, but don’t add to cart just yet. Before checking out with wire shelving, check out the different styles. Each kind of wire shelving has its own unique properties with different applications.

1. Chrome

hand on shelf

The most popular and versatile of all wire shelving styles, chrome can be identified by its highly reflective finish. Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs when evenly distributed. The finish resists scratches, marring, and other cosmetic damage, but is susceptible to rust, making it for indoor, dry use only.

2. Epoxy

Black Epoxy


Epoxy coated wire shelving usually comes in black, white, or green. The special finish is baked onto the steel, which allows this style to resist rust for up to 7 years. Epoxy shelves can be used in wet or dry environments. Since each of these shelves hold up to 300 lbs, they tend to be used in more residential spaces and small businesses.

3. Stainless Steel


In many respects, stainless steel is very similar to the chrome variety. It has a metallic look, holds 800 lbs per shelf, and is quite durable. The main difference is that stainless steel is entirely rust-proof; if the surface is damaged, the exposed steel will not rust. This style can be used outdoors, in humid areas, and in other corrosive environments.

4. Poly-Z-Brite


While epoxy coating is typically a bit weaker than other varieties of wire shelving, Poly-Z-Brite is the exception. Finished first with a baked on coat of epoxy, this style is then topped with  zinc-chromate electroplating. This combination is guaranteed to resist rust for 10 years, has a metallic look, and can still hold up to 800 lbs per shelf.

5. Nexelon


Easy to spot, this bright blue shelving is completely guaranteed against rust and corrosion for life. Nexelon has similar qualities to stainless steel, except without the price tag or the extra weight. Great for walk-in freezers, coolers, restaurants, and areas with high humidity. Holds up to 800 lbs per shelf.


All of the above shelves are NSF certified (approved by the National Sanitation Foundation) for use in food safety and medical facilities.



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