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Rolling shelves are a common sight in many different businesses, from pharmaceutical storage to retail warehousing, even offices.

The flexibility and versatility of rolling shelves and utility carts allow for a number of uses in any business, both using their standard design and when customized. No matter what your business does, what sort of inventory your warehouse stores, or what sort of products you carry, there’s bound to be a rolling shelf configuration that can help you and your business.

Here’s a few of our favorite uses for rolling shelves, and some tips for helping them serve your business better:


Keep it secure: Many rolling shelves are designed with security doors, offering concealment and safety for your more sensitive goods. Use these to store things like electronics (tablets and smartphones for the factory floor, extra monitors and keyboards for the office, etc) behind a locked door, or use them to transport sensitive goods like pharmaceutical products, or anything that won’t survive a fall to the floor when getting moved throughout the building.


Cover it up: A lot of wire rack covers are the right size to work with rolling shelves, and can add an extra level of concealment. Use these for private storage of physical records, stop light and airborne allergens from affecting goods that need safer storage, or just keep your new products stored away from prying eyes before they get officially released.


Store your most popular goods: Even if you don’t have anything on your rolling shelves that need to be hidden behind a curtain, you can still use your rolling shelves to keep your most popular items mobile. Whether you have supplies that need to be moved between departments, or popular items that haven’t quite made a permanent home somewhere, a rolling shelf can be the perfect way to transport them to the office, the shipping/receiving department, or anywhere they need to go.


Document storage: Similarly, items that need to be reviewed more frequently such as physical records and other documents could be kept on rolling shelves to help them stay mobile and versatile. Instead of spending time retrieving box after box of customer records and tax receipts from the shelves, use rolling shelves to take them over to your workspace.


Tools and maintenance: Whatever your business does, there’s a good chance you need to keep the right industrial tools around to repair parts of the building, replace computer parts, and so on. Rolling shelves are the perfect solution for storing things like hand tools and safety gear, as you can easily transport the tools right to where the problem area is without wasting time on a lot of back-and-forth.


If you’re considering rolling shelves for your business, contact us today to request a free quote for a shelving solution!

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