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One of the biggest advantages of wire shelving are the amount of accessories you can install on them. The ease of construction and modular design means you can expand them pretty easily, and combined with the ability to install different wire shelving accessories such as coat hangers and cart covers makes them easy to customize to the specific needs of your warehouse, distribution center, or storage facility.

One wire shelving accessory we think a lot more people could benefit from, however, is wire shelving doors. These doors are easy to install on wire shelves and add an extra layer of security and organization to any shelving rack, as well as additional benefits that many warehouse staff are unaware of. If you’re curious to know what wire shelving doors and enclosures can do for your business, read on:

Increased product security:

One of the most immediate advantages of wire shelving doors is the ability to add an extra layer of security for anything that’s kept on them. These sliding enclosures help you keep more sensitive products out of view and make them less easy to access, particularly for people that shouldn’t have access to those products in the first place.

Protection from falls:

In a similar vein, having these shelving doors installed helps protect fragile or easily-damaged goods from falls off shelves. We can all admit we’ve knocked a thing or two off shelves before, and shelving enclosures help prevent those sort of mishaps.

Reduced exposure to sun:

Some products can’t handle a lot of exposure to sunlight or overhead lighting, and wire shelving enclosures offer an economic and practical way to reduce their exposure to direct lighting without costly remodels or jumping through hoops to keep them safe. (Plus, it looks a lot better than just throwing a tarp over it.)

Organization of smaller items:

Using enclosures allows you to better organize smaller, easy-to-lose items on a shelf-by-shelf basis, as well as allowing you to label each door to help better indicate what’s behind it. This is great for inventory storage, or for storage of needed items around the warehouse such as stuff in the break room, small items in an office such as writing utensils, and more.

These are just a few of the ways wire shelving doors can increase security and organization in a warehouse, no matter what you store. Take a look at our shelving enclosures and see what they can do for you!

2 Responses to “Uses For Wire Shelving Doors”

  1. Laura Wetsch says:

    I’m interested in 24″ wide pulldown doors — do you have those? (I don’t need/want the full enclosure, and sliding doors would limit my use)

    • Shelving, Inc. says:

      Hi Laura! Sorry for the delay in reply. Please email us at with any quote requests. Our enclosure manufacturer can do custom requests, so if you just provide your specifications in your email, we can get a quote for you.

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