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Every manufacturer has their own specifications for wire shelving. The Shelving Inc brand wire shelves are specially crafted with rungs running front to back, with a reinforced truss spanning side to side. This helps each shelf hold more weight without bending out of shape.

Since our shelves are made special, they may not work with other brands. For example, if you buy shelving from a local retailer and decide to add one of our shelves, it won’t be compatible. Every company has their own proprietary sizes.

A lot of people ask what brands their shelves will work with, but the safest answer is: “Look at the stamp on your shelving and contact the manufacturer.”

Shelf sizes can differ not just between companies, but between sides. For instance, take a 12×12 shelf. The sides measure 12 x 11-5/8. This means that for our “square shelves,” there is a right and a wrong way to assemble a unit. Turn it the wrong way and it won’t fit!

In the world of Wire Shelving, size matters! That’s why we offer so many different sizes!

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