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With all the different kinds of shelving on the market, it can be a challenge to figure out what would best suit your needs. The answer differs depending on what you are trying to store, where the storage is located, and your available budget. Whatever the case, we can almost guarantee that there is a wire shelving solution for you.

Why Wire Shelving?

Wire Shelving Details
Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the strengths of wire shelving have made this style common in a variety of markets. Serving as lightweight residential storage, all the way up to heavy duty commercial freezer applications, wire shelving is as versatile as you need it to be. Not only are there a variety of styles to meet your storage need, but each unit is modular, allowing you to customize it as your needs change over time. Adjust the height of each shelf, or expand your storage space with an Add On shelving unit. Wire shelving offers specialized product lines that will allow you to get organized, no matter the conditions.

What are the different kinds of wire shelving?

Here is a quick run down of the different styles of wire shelving and why you might consider each for your next storage project.


1. Chrome Wire Shelving

36x72 props

Available in sizes ranging from 8″dx8″w to 36″dx72″w, this is the most common kind of wire shelving on the market. The base metal is covered with a chrome plating, which is an economical choice for a heavy duty finish. Each shelf can hold up to 800 lbs, making it great for bulky items. Chrome wire shelving is NSF certified, but can only be used in indoor, dry storage environments.

***Purchase if: you need storage around the home, in a commercial kitchen, or for holding inventory at work.


2. Rust Proof Wire Shelving


Some shelving is not destined for dry climates, which is when the rust proof shelving really shines. If you are working with a large budget, stainless steel wire shelving is a classic option. For those more monetarily conscious, consider the Nexelon Finish for wire shelving. The technical description (dark blue metallic finish that is epoxy powder coated zinc-chromate plated with a chemical conversion under coat and protected with Nexgard anti-microbial agent) essentially guarantees a lifetime protection against rust and corrosion.

***Purchase if: you are setting up storage in a fridge, freezer, natatorium, or other humid environment. If you live near the ocean, Nexelon shelving will prevent oxidation from the salt-filled air.


3. Light Duty Wire Shelving

shelf in a box

Sometimes called a “shelf in a box,” this lightweight shelving still packs a punch, able to hold up to 300 lbs per shelf. Like chrome wire shelving, these light duty shelves are intended for indoor use only. Perfect as a budget solution that doesn’t hold a lot of weight.

***Purchase if: You are organizing a dorm room, creating a craft storage system, need extra linen storage, or have other applications that don’t require too much heft.

4. Genuine Metro Shelving

5 shelf Super Adjustable Super Erecta-o

Metro is to wire shelving as Kleenex is to tissues. The ubiquitous name can be found in dry storage from restaurants to manufacturing hubs. Able to hold 800 lbs per shelf, this line competes with the chrome wire shelving, but at an increased cost (due to the brand name). Super Adjustable style units are available for changing shelf heights frequently.

***Purchase if: you are matching your existing Metro wire shelving, work in retail and require heavy duty capacity, or require top of the line products.

One Response to “What Kind of Wire Shelving is Right for Me?”

  1. Janice Totten says:

    I live in Sub Tropical Florida and wish to put shelving in my humid garage. I am wondering if I purchased the chrome finish if I could spray it with a rubberized coating of some type? Money is a BIG issue….. also… Somebody gave me a 4 tier white coated 4’W x 74″T x 18″D (just starting to rust just a bit… owner is deceased so I can’t ask) and I can’t seem to find white anywhere online. It is either black or chrome finish and I just painted all the walls white and am going to pain the floor next so I wanted them to match. I have a $129 credit at TARGET department store and thought I could buy it there and just spray it. Here is what I thought I might try (although I only see it in black at the moment)…

    Any ideas or suggestions? I appreciate the time you took to put up this blog! Thank you so much.

    Janice in Florida

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