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Cantilever racks are an ideal system for storing several different types of item and materials that often goes misunderstood in terms of usage and design. Primarily designed for longer, thinner items, cantilever racks offer many specific advantages and uses that regular shelving is hard-pressed to provide. If you’re wondering if cantilever racks are appropriate for your facility, here’s a few different ways to use them and the benefits they provide:


Storing Hard-to-Shelve Items

The design of cantilever shelving allows for the storage of longer, thinner items such as steel racks, beams, lengthy pieces of lumber, or even pre-packed furniture. While these pieces have traditionally proved difficult and cumbersome to store using traditional shelving and rack methods, the open design and overall length of cantilever racks is perfect for any tall, skinny items you need kept off the floor.


Easy Access and Flexibility

The design of a cantilever rack includes two smaller racks on either side of a lengthy i-beam with nothing directly above and no traditional ‘shelf’ to speak of. This more open design allows for much easier access, especially on the higher shelves with forklifts or similar equipment. In addition, the design allows for much more specific item placement and retrieval, meaning you can keep more SKUs and specific items on cantilever racks without worrying about them being buried behind other pallets of items you don’t need immediately.


Save Money and Time

Cantilever racks can help you both save effort and get things done more quickly. The design allows for easier item storage and handling, enabling workers to find parts they need more quickly or load them on the shelves far more easily than with other types of racks. The increased storage space they afford, both depth- and length-wise, also allows for more economic space usage by freeing up space in other areas and allowing for deeper storage to store more items.

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