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These days, it seems like mezzanines are an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to expand their current levels of usable floor space. More factories, warehouses, and distribution centers are realizing the benefits of in-plant mezzanines than ever before, and their use has become more widespread across a surprising number of industries.


If you have been looking for a way to increase the amount of floor space your facility has without a costly factory renovation, or maybe if you’re just considering a mezzanine but need to be a little more convinced of their benefits and advantages, here’s a few things to consider:


Easy increase of floor space. The first and most obvious benefit of getting a mezzanine installed is the increase of usable floor space. As opposed to more permanent (and costlier) renovations, mezzanines allow you to easily add on a surprising amount of extra usable floor space for storage, work room, or whatever else you need it for. It’s a great way to prevent having to spend a lot of money and time moving into a new facility or renovating/relocating your current installations.


Cost-effectiveness. In a similar vein, mezzanines allow you to add more space without greatly hampering your budget. Increasing floorspace can allow you to store more items, install more equipment, and even have room for more workers without having to completely move facilities. Mezzanines can also help with heating and utility bills – installations on the upper floor don’t need to be heated like the rest of the plant due to warm air rising through the plant, so moving more temperature-sensitive installations to the top floor of the plant can reduce the amount of heat your warehouse has to pump out.


Increased retail space. If your facility sells direct to consumers, mezzanines can also have a big impact on your retail performance and storage abilities. Mezzanines can be used to set up product displays, create demo areas, or even create a separate area for sales meetings (especially when used with an in-plant office) to help get customers interested in your product away from the busy shop floor.


Modular and customizable. If there’s one thing our decades of experience have taught us, it’s that no two warehouses are truly alike. Each warehouse and storage facility serves different needs, and as a result they’re going to need different mezzanine designs. Luckily, each mezzanine is modular and can be expanded as needed to make sure it can meet the ever-changing needs of your facility, no matter what you do or what you use mezzanines for.


Increased productivity and efficiency. Finally, one of the more ‘intangible’ benefits of mezzanine shelving is probably one of the most advantageous to business owners. The increase of floor space and the extra work room it provides can help your workers get things done easily and more quickly than before. Uncluttered shop floors can help prevent traffic jams and accidents, and with the extra space to work you’ll never hear complaints about not having room for items again. (Well, until the time comes you have to expand your mezzanine again, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.)


With all these benefits, mezzanines can be a huge help to warehouses of any size. If you’re considering getting one, request a quote today and see just how easy – and cost-effective – it can be.

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