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Grow rooms are becoming an increasingly popular sight all over the country, in many people’s homes, for a number of different crops.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own plants for personal use, developing a home indoor garden, or simply working on your green thumb, grow rooms need certain supplies and accessories to help your plants grow their healthiest – even above and beyond the typical gardening supplies or dispensary shelves you might find yourself using.

If you’ve been trying to set up a grow room in your home, here’s five supplies and shelves that can help any grow room thrive:


LED Lights: While conventional wisdom has recommended heat lamps for indoor grow uses, a lot of growers have been switching to industrial LED lighting to help cut down on their utility bill while insuring their plants are exposed to lighting with a safely controlled climate. The usage of LED lights (as well as the styles of lights you’ll need) will be largely affected by the sort of plants you’re growing, but reliable LED lighting is something that can help any grow room expand their capacity and save a little money on the old electric bill.


Greenhouse shelves: The phrase ‘greenhouse’ might evoke images of huge retail operations that seem to go on for miles, but even in a small at-home growing operation, you’ll need the sort of shelves that can handle the rough conditions of a grow room. Look into rust proof wire shelving or epoxy coated shelving for an economic storage solution that won’t begin to rust and crumble under the humid conditions and frequent watering that indoor growing calls for. It’ll keep your plants safe and save you money in the long run.


Trimming Tables: Sure, you could do your trimming on the dining room table or that second-hand desk your dad gave you when you moved out, but in most cases a dedicated dispensary trim table can help you keep your plants safe and prevent messes. Find something made out of stainless steel to help divert moisture away from your plants, and make sure to keep it in your grow room so you’re not getting clippings and stems all over the kitchen where you don’t want them.


Drying Racks: A lot of new growers think that when the plants are harvested and trimmed, you’re all set – but even after trimming, you need to take steps to keep them safe. Metal drying racks can help you drain water away from your plant clippings to prevent mold growth. Even the most carefully-trimmed plants can get unwanted guests if not dried and cared for properly after clipping.


Secure Storage: In most cases, state or federal law requires the safe, secure storage of plants similar to FDA guidelines for perishable food or narcotics, and that will often include making sure they get locked up and put away in an area that needs to be accessed by keys. Use wire storage lockers with security panels to keep your goods behind lock and key. This way you can adhere to local safety requirements, and make sure nobody can get into your plants that shouldn’t be.

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