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Lights, despite how often we use them, tend to go overlooked – when was the last time you thought about the lighting in your warehouse except for the last time you had to replace a bulb? Nobody gives their lights a lot of thought when they’re working, but upgrading your facility’s existing lighting system can actually provide a lot of advantages and benefits in the long run.


Reduced Energy Costs

Industrial LED lighting can offer a lot of savings and reduction when it comes to utility bills. LED lights provide the same sort of lighting and clarity that you need in a workplace but only by using 20-25% of the energy of the standard incandescent light bulbs that you normally see in warehouse applications. Considering how long the lights generally have to be on in your average factory or warehouse, the savings will start adding up nearly immediately.


Less Need For Replacement

Not only do industrial LED lights use less energy to save you money, they last much longer than other comparable lights in similar applications. The majority of LED lights have, on average, been tested to last over 200,000 hours. Compare that to the average lifespan of a standard incandescent bulb which only lasts 750-1000 hours, or even more efficient halogen lights which still only last 2,250-3,500 hours. Install a set of LED lights and you won’t have to change them again for quite some time.


Safer Work Environment for Employees

LED lights produce a much clearer and sharper light than many other kinds of bulbs, which makes them invaluable in a workplace where heavy lifting is done or work is performed with dangerous equipment. Creating a safer, more visible environment for your workers should be a top priority to prevent against injury and loss, and LED lights will go a long way towards this goal.


If you’re considering upgrading to industrial LED lighting in your facility or office, contact us today and one of our lighting experts will help determine the solutions best for your workspaces.

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