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No matter how much work you’ve put into your distribution center already, it feels like there’s always some new hang-up or issue that arises.

There’s processes that need refinement, there’s workspaces that need to be reorganized, and it can start to seem like no matter how hard everyone works there’s always some bottleneck somewhere.

And in many cases, there is. There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ warehouse no matter how hard we all try, and there will always be areas that need refinement and improvement over time. If you’re looking for new ways to fix up your warehouse processes and streamline your distribution center, here’s four ways that are sure to fit warehouses of any size:


Analyze your work flows: One of the easiest ways to tell if your distribution center needs to be streamlined is to analyze your workflows and processes. If certain areas seem to be encountering frequent bottlenecks – a slow time from picking to shipping, for example, or common difficulties with finding a certain item – then review a few of your processes and workflows to see what can be changed. If you have fluctuating SKUs, then consider re-ordering their picking priority or changing how often inventory counts are done. If too much time is being spent on repetitive tasks, see if you can automate it to save effort in the long run. And so on, and so forth.


Maximize your available space: The temptation to move into a bigger space can be strong sometimes, particularly when the current size of your warehouse is starting to give you headaches and cause slowdowns in efficiency. Instead of packing up and moving, try taking some time to make sure your space is being used as effectively as possible. Are all of your shelves arranged and organized in such a way that they don’t interfere with your workers? Do you need to install a mezzanine to provide additional workspace? Can you simply move some stuff around to free up space and provide a better workflow? Ask yourself these questions before totally relocating to see if you can work better in the space you already have.


Help items move more quickly: Ideally this is the goal of every single warehouse process, but there’s things you can do to help products move through your facility in a very literal way. Installing gravity flow racks and conveyors can help you transport products to needed areas more quickly than if you’d just carted them through more traditional means.


Improve ergonomics: Streamlining operations is more than just adding new shelves and helping packages move around – helping your workers get things done more easily is a major part of helping your warehouse work more effectively. Install some workbenches to help everyone work more ergonomically and get things done quicker – and with less strain on their backs and arms, too.

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