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Here at Shelving, Inc. we’ve been getting a lot more questions lately about warehouse mezzanines and the sort of benefits they can offer. Mezzanines are an ideal way to increase storage space and floor space in a warehouse without massive renovations or, even worse, having to completely move facilities. Let’s take a deeper look into what role mezzanines serve and how they can help.


What is a warehouse mezzanine?


The word ‘mezzanine’ can have a lot of different meanings, but in warehouses it refers to an elevated section of flooring up above the main shop floor, installed between the floor and ceiling. Generally, mezzanines are designed to be free-standing structures that can be dismantled and moved with relative ease, or at least much easier than if you had an actual second story. Typically the structures are made of steel with a steel floor, and are built to be assembled on-site in the area they need to be installed in.


What benefits can a mezzanine bring my warehouse?


Increased storage: The most immediate upside of mezzanines is that they offer a lot more storage space without having to do massive work on your warehouse. As anyone who operates a warehouse knows, storage space is critical whether you work in manufacturing, storage, or retail distribution. Warehouse mezzanines are the easiest way to add easily accessible, durable storage space to your warehouse to help keep up with product demand and storage needs all while maintaining the current layout of your warehouse.


Keeping your current location: Running out of room is a problem any warehouse has the potential to run into, and before mezzanines became a cost-effective solution the only real option was to expand or move into all-new facilities, neither of which are exactly affordable or practical options. Mezzanines are an excellent way to expand the available space in the facility you currently use, especially if you have a lot of open and available vertical space that isn’t being taken up by taller installations.


Additional work space: In addition to adding extra storage, having a mezzanine increases your overall floor space to the point where you could easily free up room for other work needs. In-plant offices are a great way to add extra supervisory or administrative areas underneath mezzanines, or you could set the mezzanine space aside to serve as an area to assemble products, sort shipments, or anything else you need to do that takes up too much space on the main shop floor.


And many more. These are just a few of the advantages that installing a mezzanine can bring to your warehouse or factory. If you’re considering a mezzanine, contact us today for a free quote and see just how helpful they can be.

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