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A lot of people hear the term “NSF shelving” and assume it refers to a specific type of storage, but the reality is a little more versatile than that.

NSF shelving refers to any type of shelving that has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for certain qualities such as resilience to germs and bacteria. It’s easy to assume that NSF shelving is a brand, due to the circular logo often seen on shelves that pass certification, but it’s actually just a set of standards that certain shelves conform to.

As a result, these shelves can be more versatile than expected! A lot of warehouses have begun to turn to NSF shelving to help reduce the spread of germs throughout their warehouse, which is a particularly good idea these days. If you’re curious to see where (and how) NSF shelving can help in your warehouse, here’s a few of our favorite examples:


Ideas for Using NSF Shelving In Your Warehouse


Food storage

One of the most common uses for NSF shelving is for storage of food, perishables, and other products that have an expiration date. A lot of NSF shelving can take the form of sterile food shelving, designed to store anything that may be more susceptible to germs, or anything that has stricter storage standards. In a lot of cases, NSF shelving is required by law to be used in food storage situations, in order to uphold standards for consumer safety.


Walk in coolers/extreme temperatures

Similarly, if your warehouse has a freezer (and most warehouses dealing in food will), NSF shelving is a must. Specially-designed walk in cooler shelving can serve the dual purposes of resisting germs and preventing rust under the tougher conditions of a freezer or refrigerator in your warehouse. If you have any products that need to be stored in less-than-room-temperature, NSF shelving can be the best way to keep them safe.


Hi-touch areas

A big focus for NSF shelves is keeping your inventory safe from germs, but the benefit can actually extend to your workers as well. By using NSF wire shelving, NSF plastic shelving, or MetroMax antimicrobial polymer shelving in any area where workers tend to gather (like the packing/shipping area, or where the more popular items are stored), you can reduce the risk of germs or illnesses being spread via surface contact. While this won’t work for every disease, it can still go a long way towards keeping your workers – and inventory – safe.


Personal areas

Similarly, using NSF shelving inside any area where your workers gather, like the locker room and the break room, can help keep your team a little safer where they gather. Granted, depending on when you’re reading this, social distancing is still very much an ongoing concern, and likely will remain so for some time, but NSF shelving can help add that extra layer of safety where needed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the potential uses for NSF shelving are only limited by your imagination – or, at least, by how much room you have!

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