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Everyone loves food. It’s something no one can live without. For such an important product, such as food, you want to make sure that you are storing that food in the best way possible. At, we have special NSF Shelving that treats the food like it should. The NSF, or National Sanitation Foundation, has certified this special shelving to be used to safely store food and medical supplies. With a variety of different types of shelving, your storage needs will be met.

Metro brand Super Erecta NSF-certified wire shelving unit

NSF wire carts and NSF plastic shelving units and NSF wall mounted shelves, oh my!

No matter what your storage needs are, we will have something to accommodate those needs. For example, we have three types of carts: security carts, solid steel metal utility carts, and wire utility carts. Our metal carts come in a variety of sizes and types. Our wire carts come in even more options. No matter what you are storing, whether it be chocolate or cupcakes or cookies or pizza or noodles, your products will be safe and easy to transport.

stainless steel metal utility cart with four wheels

Our NSF certified shelving units come in many varieties. We have plastic shelving which makes it super easy to clean the corrosion proof shelves. We have rust proof shelving, perfect for humid areas or food that may change temperature a lot. We have the original stainless steel shelving for a classic and timeless look. We also have walk-in cooler shelving which will last  for at least 7 years without forming rust and corrosion, perfect for storing cheese and ice cream and smoothies.

green epoxy coated walk in cooler shelving

Our wall mounted NSF shelves come in aluminum and wire shelving,  in many different sizes, custom sizes available upon request. They open up floor space while giving you extra room for more food storage. You can even get multiple shelves on one unit.

aluminum NSF restaurant wall shelf with ketchup bottles, mustard bottles, water pitcher, and coffee pot

With summer just getting started, and the World Cup happening, it is bound to be a busy summer of nights out on the town, going to restaurants and bars, eating lots of yummy food. Make sure you are prepared with NSF Certified shelving, which not only keeps all of your food safe, but looks nice and keeps your food organized so you can feed the hungry masses.


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