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You don’t need us to tell you that eCommerce is a major factor of most shipping and warehouse facilities in the modern retail landscape. Items are needed in a much shorter amount of time, prices are becoming increasingly more competitive, and the entire supply chain has been greatly affected.


The sheer volume of orders being received from eCommerce customers are bringing about rapid changes in the world of logistics, many of which are sure to affect your business. For example, consider your shipping practices – are you able to keep up with demand? Instead of shipping items in bulk to brick-and-mortar locations, many warehouses are now tasked with shipping individual items, or several different and unrelated items, in one order. These orders may be going either directly to customers, or to a retail location to fulfill a special order, and either way this will surely change the way your orders are picked and process. Can your business keep up the way it handles these orders now, or do you need to consider a revamp of how your business processes outgoing product?


Speed and accuracy have begun to change as well in many cases. Thanks to the changing (and faster) demands of eCommerce business, the old way of doing things just isn’t working. Are your workers trained on new picking and tracking techniques to meet orders faster? Can your warehouse process incoming orders fast enough to meet new shipping methods? And, perhaps most importantly, do you have enough wire shelving and industrial storage to retain all the different SKUs you now have to stock and process?


Closely linked to that last point is the idea of employee training. Sure, your employees are probably well-trained on your current practices, but the question remains: are your practices able to keep up with the changing needs of eCommerce business? If you find your order fulfillment times are starting to fall behind or you’re encountering more errors in your outgoing shipments, a review of your shipping practices may be in order – and if these practices change, you’re going to need to keep your employees trained and ready on these new methods.


eCommerce is the new normal of shipping, and your workers, processes, and facility overall will have to work hard to keep up with this demand and the new ways of conducting business. The best way to keep up with these changes is to be willing to change yourself and your business.

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