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Shelving Inc. recently completed a full-facility installation at America’s Most Wanted 4×4, a Jeep specialty shop located in Holly, MI. Customizing and shipping Jeeps all over the world, their business has continually grown over the years. They recently purchased a new building to serve as their world headquarters – and that’s where Shelving Inc. came in. 

America’s Most Wanted 4×4 needed to outfit their facility with durable, versatile storage for their aftermarket Jeep parts and Mopar stocking items. 


In order for their warehouse to appear cohesive with their brand, they also wanted the products to match their company colors. While the first company they spoke with could not meet this requirement, Shelving Inc. could. 



We provided custom pallet racking with blue beams to coordinate with their company colors and facility interior. They selected the color from an RAL color chart, allowing them to best match the specific color desired. 

The racking was powder coated, as we do with all of our racking. This provides a more durable finish, ideal for these high-use products. 

We opted for wire decking to enhance the versatility and safety of the racking.



This pallet racking is ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturers or anyone involved in aftermarketing products. This style rack can fit small, large, and custom-sized pallets, allowing the storage of a variety of material. 



The versatility of the racking allowed us to design the shelf heights to accommodate their specific storage needs.



In addition, we supplied black rivet shelving to add additional storage for smaller materials. 



We also provided tire racks to keep these often bulky items organized and out of the way. 



The customer was pleased with the results. 



American’s Most Wanted 4×4 was a pleasure to work with. We’re happy to have provided the exact storage solutions they had in mind, and look forward to seeing their operations continue to grow. 

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