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Shelving Inc. recently completed an installation for Birdi, Inc., an online pharmaceutical company based in Plymouth, Michigan. Expanding to a new location, they came to us to outfit the space with storage. 

“We are moving into a larger facility and needed an efficient solution to store our supplies,” said Birdi, Inc. CEO Rich Grossman.



They not only required durable, long-lasting bulk storage, but desired a specific color—for a bright, clean space, they wanted white pallet racking. While other competitors could not provide this, Shelving Inc. could.  

We can work directly with production on custom-colored pallet racking to match a company’s brand or facility. We use a powder-coated color that is baked on and heat-treated, which provides a superior abrasion-resistant finish to the liquid paint alternative. 




“We ultimately went with Shelving Inc. for a couple reasons,” said Grossman. “One, they were able to paint the racking the color we wanted. But more importantly, Shelving Inc.’s sales representative was responsive, understood our needs, and came up with solutions that would work in this space. He found a way to get it done.”

Birdi, Inc. was also happy to use a local company for this project.  


At Shelving Inc., we listen to our customers’ specific needs and put in the time to find the best possible solution. Requiring an efficient way to maximize available space, Shelving Inc. looked vertically. Measuring the maximum height of their hi-low determined the height of the racking installed. 



To maintain the integrity of the racking, we provided post protectors.



Galvanized row spacers were also added to create consistent spacing for a uniform look, as well as stabilize uprights positioned back-to-back. 

“It gave us a simple, effective solution to store supplies,” said Grossman. 



Shelving Inc. also supplied safety yellow powder-coated guard rails, providing high-strength protection around a sensitive internal structure.

Overall, Shelving Inc. was glad we could provide Birdi, Inc. with the warehousing materials needed to create a polished, optimized, and secure facility. 

Give our experienced team a call at 1-800-637-9508 to see how we can optimize your warehouse space.

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