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Shelving Inc. recently completed a large pallet racking job for Kay Automotive, an automotive trim company in Lake Orion. Read on for their unique storage challenges and how we were able to customize the best solution for them.


Outgrowing Fast

Kay Automotive is rapidly growing, manufacturing custom pieces while now stocking all OEM parts and vinyl stickers. 

Running out of room, their materials were spread throughout the facility – items were on the floor and in aisles, and some were stored upstairs, forcing staff to take many trips. Multiple part numbers were also stacked on top of each other, making items difficult to find. 

To help, they recently completed an expansion project. Adding a massive portion and second floor onto their building, they needed adequate storage to fit the space.


Stairs leading up to the second floor addition.


“Our storage capacity was maxed out and we were going through an expansion phase, so we needed additional racking,” said Equipment Operations Manager Ron Silk. 

We previously worked with Kay Automotive last year, installing a mezzanine in their warehouse.

“We had used you guys in the past and like your service and how quickly you work, so we decided to reach out again,” said Silk.


Bigger, Better Racking

Kay Automotive was facing major inefficiencies when storing their received materials. All OEM shipments were too large for their racking and needed to be transferred to smaller pallets each time. Therefore, they needed to go taller and deeper than typical pallet racking.

We replaced their 48″ deep by 16′ tall racking with custom 60″ deep by 30′ tall Unirak racking. Doubling their capacity, we helped them save time and energy, and gave them room to take on more projects. 


Custom 60″ deep by 30′ tall racking.


Custom 60″ deep by 30′ tall racking.


Faster Delivery, Faster Results

Using the added floor as a parts center, we installed additional racking here as well.



Because Shelving Inc. stocks the racking they needed, we were able to start shipping the product within a few days. This quick turnaround helped Kay Automotive improve operations more quickly.

“It’s allowed us to better organize our material and locate items a lot more efficiently,” said Silk.

They can now separate their products by size or company, helping employees pull items more quickly.



“It makes my life so much easier,” said one staff member. 

Shelving Inc. can work with your unique needs, determining the best storage products. For more information on how we can problem solve for your space, give us a call at 1-800-637-9508.

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