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We recently finished a multiple-product installation at Vitro Automotive Glass in Westland, MI.

During the initial consultation, Vitro stated that their main goals were to improve their warehouse safety efforts and better optimize the space.

Read on for the storage solutions we decided on and how the customer has benefited.


A major portion of this job was giving Vitro multiple areas of guardrails. Multiple were installed around the warehouse to prevent product damage from forklifts or other machinery.

OSHA-compliant self-closing safety swing gates were used to give employees a convenient place to enter.

In one location where expensive machinery is typically stored, we placed a 90-degree guard rail.

Other guardrails were used to block off a few currently unused loading docks. Because we used an industrial lift-out design, the rails are easily removable for when the space needs to be accessed again. This type of guardrail also reduces installation costs and is faster to install than other guardrails. As the brackets are already welded on, it creates more security for the rails.

Various other safety features include bollards, industrial floor signs and other warning signs to clearly signal warning.

 Safety bollards

Safety bollards


Industrial Floor Signs


Vitro has a maintenance shop with a mezzanine on top, and wanted to make the space more protected. A great solution is adding a 3-wall wire mesh partition – with a locked sliding door entrance – around the perimeter.

Wire mesh partition

Wire mesh partition

This created an enclosed, secure area. Note we made the right wall higher in order to cover the entirety of the staircase

Clipper shelving was also installed inside the shop for additional durable storage.

Space Optimization

In one area of the warehouse, Vitro had many items sitting on the floor. This not only made the area cluttered, but was an inefficient use of space. We added multiple units of heavy-duty pallet racking along the wall, creating a more efficient and organized area.

Capacity labels were used to provide quick, clear information about the maximum load capacity per rack.

Another large issue Vitro faced was the lack of a breakroom. We decided the best solution was an in-plant office, as they’re quick to install and easily adjustable. We were able to accommodate their available space, using two of their existing walls to create the room.

At 44’ by 32’, this in-plant office was on the larger side. Therefore, posts were placed on the inside for added support.

Vitro also needed more storage for their employees personal items, so another set of lockers were added, fitting perfectly between two air conditioning units.

Metal lockers

Metal lockers

For any questions, leave us a comment or email us at We also offer free 10-point safety inspections in the Southeast Michigan area. If interested, give us a call at 1-800-637-9508 or fill out this form

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