Skip to content recently completed a job at RAM Solutions Inc., a local industrial equipment supplier. 

Due to company growth, RAM Solutions was now required to store far more products at their facility. This increase in inventory was met with a severe lack of storage space—with the floor completely full, they had no room to take larger items. 

In addition, they needed assistance in optimizing their current floorplan to allow employees to efficiently move throughout the warehouse. 

And that’s where we came in! 


We first evaluated their facility, asking questions regarding how they were currently using the space and what products they needed to store. 

We then used our expertise in space optimization to provide recommendations for not only the types of storage products, but also how to create the most optimal, efficient layout


First looking vertically, we provided a mezzanine to free up valuable floor space and create additional areas for storage. 



Multiple units of rivet shelving with wood decking were added for small parts storage, adding boards behind to prevent items from falling. 




This rivet shelving extended below the mezzanine. Using storage bins and shelf labels, our customer’s inventory is now organized and easy to access. 



Wire shelving units with casters were provided for their shipping and receiving area, allowing for easy transportation when needed. A few units of pallet racking were also used to store larger, heavier items, positioned out of the way against a far wall. 



Lastly, a storage cabinet with polypropylene bins and labels was provided for increased storage of small parts and supplies – placed in a convenient spot for easy access. 



Ultimately, these products helped RAM Solutions fully maximize their facility, allowing them to increase their storage space without a costly expansion. They are now able to receive much larger shipments, as well as travel through the warehouse more productively.

They were happy to work with a local business for this project, and trusted our expertise in the field. 


“We know everything was installed right and will handle the weight we put on it,” said RAM Solutions Inc. President Mitch Yencha. “It takes that concern off the table for us, which was a big thing. We know you’re experts in warehousing and storage so that’s why we come to” 

For more information on how we can help optimize your facility, give us a call at 1-800-637-9508.

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