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Even before COVID-19, hygienic storage was paramount for the service industry.

Whether your bar offers food service as well, or simply deals in drinks, keeping your patrons and workers safe from illness is an absolute must. Various federal, state, and even city regulations exist regarding the safe storage of food and beverage, as well as the sort of storage that can be used throughout the bar.

Particularly these days, when bars are at greater risk of transmitting illness even if your business is limited to patio seating or takeout service, the right storage implements can help reduce the risk of illness among your patrons and staff. While the needs of every bar are different, a few storage implements can be useful for nearly any size bar to help fight the spread of germs and illness:


Bar Storage Ideas for Hygiene


Stainless Steel Shelving

The cornerstone of most bar storage is sterile metal shelving. Metal shelves, particularly those approved by the NSF for their germ-resistant capabilities, are a common sight inside bars, and for good reason. Nearly any shelf made from steel or aluminum can stand up to the various conditions experienced by bars, especially for use in freezers or coolers of some kind, but they provide the added benefit of preventing the transmission of most germs as well.

By using these shelves in higher-touch areas where products like drinks, food, and mixers need to be stored, you can help reduce the risk of anything spreading between guests and employees.


Walk-In Cooler Shelving

Similarly, the use of walk in cooler shelves can serve the dual purpose of fighting germs (as many of these shelves are also approved for their germ-resistance), as well as standing up against the various conditions inside a freezer such as cold and moisture. The added protection from contamination can help any of your frozen goods stay safe – even if they’re simply appetizers waiting to hit the deep fryer.


Front-Of-House Drink Storage

This is a big one for any bar, no matter what size or how you serve your customers. A lot of bars turn to metal shelving or wire shelving for their front-of-house shelves, both inside the cooler and above the counter for storage of larger bottles. Many types of wire shelving are rated for their germ resistance, and can help cut off the spread of illnesses at an area where the most people tend to congregate.

Below the bar, use shorter wire shelving (like two shelf wire shelving units) to store glasses, plates, and drinkware in a more convenient and hygienic manner. Behind the bar, things like wire wine racks and wire wall shelves can arrange taller bottles and give everything a safer place to stay until it’s time to pour your guests’ drinks – even if they’re just going into a to-go bag.

Whatever size your bar, and however you serve your guests, by working to make your entire bar/restaurant as hygienic as possible, you can keep your workers and guests safer than before.

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