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Here at, we’re pretty proud of the amount of industrial storage solutions we store. From our acclaimed wire shelving to our restaurant storage and everything in between, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing a wide variety of storage solutions to meet the needs of any business, from offices to warehouses.

Of course, we also like to think we do more than just provide shelves and storage to our clients. We’re always here to provide answers and information on the storage we sell whenever our customers need a little more detail on the best sort of storage for their business. One of the shelving types we tend to get the most questions about is rivet shelving thanks to the number of different types (such as the difference between single rivet shelving and double rivet shelving), builds, and uses that exist for it. If you’ve been considering some rivet shelving, or if you just want to learn more about the advantages these shelves can bring you, read on:

Bulk Storage: A common usage of rivet shelving is for bulk storage of larger items that maybe don’t need to be relocated as frequently. Thanks to their reinforced design, rivet storage is ideal for heavier items like construction supplies, longer tools/manufacturing components, or even bulk product storage of things like canned goods.

Mechanic/Automotive Storage: If you’ve worked in the automotive industry for any length of time, you know how hard it can be to store the irregularly-shaped or large and bulky tools, supplies, and parts that this industry requires. Rivet shelving is a common sight in many automotive manufacturing and repair facilities to hold these items in an accessible and durable fashion – and there’s even dedicated tire storage shelves for tires, wheels, and other large parts.

Long Term Record Storage: No matter how digital the workplace is getting, there will still be the occasional need for paperwork and physical records. And while hanging on to old tax documents will come in handy someday, that stuff can pile up and take up a lot of room if you’re not careful. Rivet shelving can serve as record storage to organize and store these boxes of needed documents for as long as you need them.

Bulk Retail Displays & Storage: Many retailers that deal in bulk goods (think wholesaler or factory-direct stores) or even just items that take up a lot of room like electronic or mechanical suppliers, rivet shelving can be a good way to display your products to your customers in a visible, accessible fashion.

These are just a few suggestions for how to use rivet shelving, but you can likely find a type of rivet shelves to meet almost any business need. If you have further questions about our shelving products, contact today!

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