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If your retail outlet deals in home & garden supplies to any degree, then you already know right now is the peak time of year for garden supply sales. Of course, if you don’t spend all year stocking garden supplies, or if you want to re-organize your displays to attract customers during the busier season, you might need some inspiration for re-organizing your garden retail displays. We’ve got some tips here to help reduce stress, increase visibility, and (hopefully) increase sales during this time of year!


Use Your Displays To Educate: Many of the visitors to your garden center will be first-time gardeners, young children looking to grow their first plants, or both. Make your displays informative and educational by keeping like plants together to increase customer awareness and including how-to brochures and DIY tips. This will inspire confidence in your customers and (hopefully) encourage them to be less cautious with their spending.


Displays Where They’ll Do The Most Good: Careful targeting of each of your displays will help draw attention to products that your customers might not have considered previously. Much like any other product, keeping retail merchandising displays in high-traffic areas like the decompression zone (directly inside the door to the right) will help draw attention to new or potentially unknown items to increase exposure. Identify where your customers’ sight lines tend to fall in your store to keep the hottest items on display and visible at all times.


Shape The Displays To The Product: More so than a lot of other retail categories, home & garden will carry a lot of different shapes, sizes, and colors of product. Focus more on asymmetrical displays highlighting the varieties of plants and supplies you carry, and use durable wire shelving to arrange your items by height – shortest shelves in front, slowly raising to the back to hold different potted plants, supplies, tools, and the like.


Reduce Your Products (To Raise Your Bottom Line): Particularly in a department where the products have a learning curve like the home & garden section, the customers are expecting you to do the research for them. How many ways are there to repel bugs or re-soil your plants? Especially in lesser-known areas like this, presenting too many options to your customers could lead to confusion – and confusion leads to lesser sales since nobody knows what to buy. Trim down your item selection to the bare necessities to make sure your customers know just what to buy to solve their problems.


Display And Inspire: It isn’t just about selling plants. Use your displays to inspire customers to think about how these products will improve their lives and beautify their surroundings. Signage, messaging, and the right combination of products can get across the idea that these products will bring up the quality of life for your customers in ways they might not expect.

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