Skip to content just announced the winners of their eighth annual Business Scholarship contest. After receiving a record-breaking number of applications—over 700 in total—three recipients were selected. Each winner displayed impressive ambition towards excelling in their education and detailed clear, compelling career goals. 

The first place scholarship went to Semayawit Kebede from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The second place recipient came to a tie due to the exceptional quality of both applicants—Elizabeth Duong from Irvine, California and Emma Oresky from Mount Clemens, Michigan each received the runner-up spot.

This year, offered the highest scholarship prize amounts to date. First place received $3,000 and the second place received $2,000. As a family-owned business, recognizes the importance of preparing America’s youth for the future and aims to do their part in assisting students during their academic journey. 

The scholarship was open nationwide to students majoring in business or a business-related field of study. Applicants were required to have a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA and submit a copy of their transcript, resume, and an essay that described why they were inspired to pursue a degree in the business field.

Read on to learn more about the three superb 2022 Business Scholarship recipients.


Semayawit Kebede

Growing up in Ethiopia, Semayawit was raised by a family that displayed immense selflessness. Allowing children in need to stay at their home, they eventually formed an organization that has now supported over 1,900 kids. Growing up in this environment shaped her perspective on life.

Now living in America, Semayawit saw firsthand a major development gap between the United States and her home county. She is currently a senior at Cornerstone University, obtaining majors in both accounting and economics. This is because she wants to better understand the choices and behavior of the poor, allowing her to suggest policies that could help them get out of the poverty trap. Semayawit’s goal is to fight for what is right—continuing her parent’s legacy to do good in the world.


Elizabeth Duong

As a child, Elizabeth and her family helped co-found the nonprofit Bridging Hope’s Christmas for Breakfast event, raising money to support HIV+ orphans and women in Vietnam. In her teenage years, she became interested in fashion but discovered the industry’s dark side that preys on children and female labor as the backbone of fast fashion manufacturing in Southeast Asia, where her parents are from. These experiences inspired her to study business and marketing at the University of California in order to promote socially responsible practices and positively influence how a society functions for Asian women and children.

Working as a marketing research intern for ArchRival Agency, she gained experience pitching strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion insights to large brands. Elizabeth also shows great entrepreneurial spirit—starting a clothing business called Letter 2 You that promotes ethical labor and sustainability practices. Ultimately, Elizabeth hopes to expand opportunities for other Asian women like herself, so they too can explore their aspirations without fear of limitations. 


Emma Oresky

Emma fell in love with marketing when she realized she could combine her scholarly side with her creative side. She shows immense motivation to gain experience in the field, completing an early college program at Macomb Community College while still in high school, running her high school tennis team’s social media accounts, and helping a small business with their digital marketing strategy. She was also a member, vice president, and eventually president of her school’s DECA club.

Emma’s greatest passion is helping people, shown through her Presidential Volunteer Service Award for completing over 200 hours of community service. Now planning to attend Grand Valley State University, her goal is to become a digital marketing specialist and eventually own a marketing consulting company. Emma desires to be like with her focus on helping others in need—planning to volunteer her services for free to charities, nonprofits, or other organizations that require help but can’t afford it. 

Semayawit, Elizabeth, and Emma, wishes you the best of luck in your studies and future career! This achievement is just the start of your success.

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