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At Shelving, Inc. we value education and the importance of giving our youth the best tools possible to create our future together. We know it’s not always easy to get to and stay in college and that financial hardships are one of the top reasons students are unable to get the education they need and deserve.

Earlier this summer, we launched our third business scholarship for current or entering college students in majors relating to the fields of retail management, supply chain management, or similar studies. Out of the dozens of applicants, we picked three winners, for prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500. Here are the questions they were asked to answer in their essays and their stories.

  1. What inspired you to take a business/industry-related course of study?
  2. What do you think will be the greatest challenges or biggest innovations facing American business in the near future?


Nyamal Tuor

nyamal tour

When she was just two, Nyamal Tuor and her family immigrated from South Sudan to escape the civil war, which still causes unrest to this day. Her father started the first Sudanese Presbyterian church in America, which helped support the growing Sudanese population. His commitment to community inspired her to use her college education to revive her former home. Nyamal hopes to use her business degree from Yale to stimulate the economics of East Africa, and when the violence ends, South Sudan.


Campbell Mattix

Cam Profile Picture (2)

Campbell Mattix took a circuitous route to find her calling. She started off studying Education in Boston, a leap from her home in LA. Campbell realized that although she had taken a risk by relocating, she was taking the safest bet when it came to her career. She knew that to help support her single father who put two children through college, she needed to take a risk. This realization lead her to a new pursuit out of her comfort zone: HR. Now at USC, Campbell maintains a perfect GPA. She now plans to help people and our country by pursing a career in human resources for the federal government.


Shevon Fernando

13308193_10206696951088004_6624943237157931031_o (1)

From an early age, Shevon Fernando was fascinated by the world of finance. As a child, he ogled the confusing economic section of newspapers, determined to make sense of the numbers and abbreviations. This thirst for knowledge continues today as Shevon studies to be a financier at Webster University in St. Louis. Growing up in Sri Lanka, he hopes to take a global perspective in the world of finance, helping to reduce global poverty and provide economic opportunity for the developing world.

Shelving, Inc. is so happy to help these deserving candidates meet their dreams by sponsoring their continuing education. Best of luck in the coming years Nyamal, Campbell, and Shevon!

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