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It’s time for the next Q&A by the Coffee Machine, a series where we sit down and chat with different employees at Shelving Inc. As a small business, every single employee plays an integral role in helping our operations run smoothly. 

Today’s feature: Senad Selimovic.

Senad has been with us for almost 20 years. Growing up in Prijedor, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, his life was changed with the start of the Bosnian War. After fighting in the war for four years, Senad and his family were eventually kicked out of their home. With little job opportunities available and difficult living conditions, he decided to move to the United States and meet up with his wife who had family here. 

In need of a job, someone from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services contacted him and said that Shelving Inc. was hiring for a warehouse position. As he didn’t speak any English, the person came with him to translate during the interview. Senad recalls that he told our company if they had the patience, he knew he could do it – and he got the job!

Things were tough at first, as he was unable to communicate and bond with the other workers. However he stuck it out, learning little by little. He’s now one of our most trusted, experienced employees. 

Working in our warehouse, Senad is in charge of restocking products, picking up orders, deliveries, and helping on installations when needed. He said one positive aspect of this job is that time goes fast because there’s always so much to do. 

Looking back, he’s incredibly appreciative of his fellow team who has showed him patience and kindness while here. They’ve all become good friends and he’s truly grateful. 

Outside of work, you can find Senad playing cards, watching shows, or dancing with his three beautiful grandkids. “I’m the richest man in the world,” he said while talking about them. 

Rapid Fire:

  • Salty or sweet: Salty
  • Food you could eat at every day: Salad
  • Dream destination to visit: Fiji
  • Favorite movie you’ve ever seen: Gladiator 

His future aspirations include retiring and taking more fishing trips with his family. After years of hard work, he looks forward to finally relaxing. 

That’s all for now! Come back in a few weeks for another Q&A. 

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